“I have been working with Pat for over three and a half years. Throughout my journey and with her guidance, I have experienced many breakthroughs both personally and professionally ranging from relationshipbased anxiety minimizing techniques to an eating disorder as well as creating a healthier worklife balance. She is extremely easy to speak to candidly and creates an open and inclusive atmosphere for her clientsMy favorite technique that Ive learned working with Pat is to ‘reframe’ certain situations to find the positiveI can say with confidence that working with Pat has changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to better their lives through therapy.”



“When I met Pat Drerup-Cotter, I liked her immediately. With an engaging personality, Pat was warm, funny, someone that I could tell was trustworthy. I was going through a difficult time; my elderly mom was declining physically and mentally, and while I was not her caretaker, I was her emotional support. Combining that with other anxiety provoking issues going on, my life was out of balance. With her calm demeanor, Pat provided the tools that helped me navigate through troubling times.”



I have been a client of Pats for over 5 years and we are still actively working together. She has helped me tremendously in digging deep into my PTSD, my anxiety disorder and my recovery from alcohol and drugs. Shes the kind of therapist that really cares about her clients and will join with you in your pain, struggles and tears. In February, I lost my mother and had a terrible relapse. Pat went above and beyond to make sure that I was ok through that trying time and we did many phone sessions as well as telemedicine calls. I cant imagine trusting any other therapist with my personal struggles and I would easily recommend her to anyone thats wanting to make progress in their on going treatment!”



“I am a Firefighter / Paramedic and met Pat DrerupCotter over 10 years ago after I ran a call that had an extreme impact on my life. I have worked with Pat off and on for the last 10 years on various issues and other calls I have witnessed. She has helped me with other situations in my life as well as some medical issues that stemmed from the trauma of these calls. She is an excellent therapist and I can say that there is no way for me to say how thankful I am for her help throughout the years. I can also say that she has helped me remain successful at my job and her counsel has helped me support my people when they are struggling. I would give her five stars and then some.”